Marco Island Vacation Videos

This page contains videos of Marco Island activities and places we recommend for our guests while vacationing. This page will grow as we capture more of the good times we have had on Marco Island.

In time, we also hope to include videos of your good times on the island or in our Marco Island vacation homes. We will list and link them on this page, when we receive and have a chance to preview them (we do reserve the right to post only videos that are appropriate). If you would send us your video clips by email or CD, we will post them on You Tube for you. If you have posted your own, please let us know the You Tube URL or embed information.

For your video enjoyment, please scroll down to the videos listed below.

MARCO ISLAND BEACHES .... 1.A Tigertail Beach .... 1.B Winterberry Drive Public Beach Access .... 1.C Beach Walks

MARCO ISLAND RESTAURANTS .... 2.A Arturo's Italian Restaurant, Marco .... 2.B Hoot's, Marco .... 2.C NeNe's, Marco .... 2.D The Little Bar, Goodland .... 2.E Stan's Idle Hour, Goodland ...... more to come

MARCO ISLAND SERVICES .... 3.A Sunshine Booksellers .... 3.B Island Bike Shop

MARCO ISLAND FISHING .... 4.A Sunshine Tours, Backwater Fishing with Captain Trent .... 4.B Sunshine Tours, Nancy's Stingray .... 4.C Sunshine Tours, Billy's Shark

MARCO ISLAND ATTRACTIONS .... 5.A Burrowing Owls and Gopher Tortoises .... 5.B Marco Island Homes, South End

GUEST VIDEOS ..... will be added as submitted


1.A.... Tigertail Beach is one of two public beaches on the island. With its low surf and large white sand area, it is the best choice for small children. Of course it shares the same sun and view that can be seen along the several miles of beach on Marco.

1.B.... The Winterberry Beach Access is new since 2009. It is a public access running along the south side of the new Marriott Crystal Springs property and is only 3 short blocks from our Abbeville Court property. The video shows the way to the beach from Collier Blvd.

1.C.... Beach Walks are a very popular pastime on Marco. This video shows a sampling of the fun and relaxation you can enjoy. Another popular pastime is shelling, which we will show in a future video.


2.A... Arturo's Italian Restaurant is an exquisite fine dining restaurant selected by Southwest Florida's Choice Awards as Best Italian Restaurant, 2008. Also listed by Zagat America's Top Restaurants in 2009.

2.B and 2.C... Hoot's and NeNe's are two of the most popular places for breakfast on the island. We recommend you try them both during your vacation stay on Marco. Each has its own atmosphere, and both take reservations.

Hoot's Restaurant

NeNe's Restaurant

2.D... The Little Bar is a great place for fun and food, located on the water in Goodland. Call ahead to see if they might be having a "pajama dress-up" or "open mike" night. Grouper balls are a favorite appetizer.

2.E... Stan's Idle Hour is the place to go on a Sunday afternoon for music, drinks, food and dancing, also located in Goodland on the water. You will enjoy sharing the parking lot with visiting motorcycles and margaritas.


3.A... Sunshine Booksellers is the only independent bookseller on the island. Sunshine has an excellent selection of best sellers, childrens books, greeting cards, gifts, puzzles, games, and music and book CD�s. It also operates as a Fedex and UPS agent, as well as a US Post Office extension.

3.B... The Island Bike Shop is the place to go for bicycle rental, if you have need for more bicycles than we have provided with our vacation homes, or if you would like to try tandem bicycles or motorized scooters.


4.A, 4.B & 4.C... Backwater Fishing in and around Marco Island is the best. Backwater can mean among the many small islands and mangrove trees or near shore on the gulf side. You are always likely to come home with enough fish for dinner on the grill (another reason to stay at one of our vacation homes). There are many charters available on the island. We have used Sunshine Tours in the Marco River Marina with success. Take a look at these three videos, showing a typical fishing trip with a catch of whiting and mackerel, Nancy catching a stingray, and Billy landing a shark.

Backwater Fishing with Captain Trent

Nancy's Stingray

Billy's Shark


5.A... Burrowing Owls and Gopher Tortoises are protected on Marco Island. Burrowing owls are visible all over the island, as their nesting burrows are roped off in 10' x 10' areas as soon as they are noticed. Gopher tortoises are harder to find, but may be seen crossing the road or in their burrows in the southeastern part of the island.

5.B... Marco Island Homes are a tourist destination in themselves. In the video below you will see why people that can afford it, love to live on Marco Island... whether it be for the winter or all year round. Homes in this video are from the South Barfield and Caxambas Court areas. .