Marco Island Fishing Vacation

Fishing-tackle shops have come a long way. From the small, creaky, odoriferous, mom and popshop at he local boat ramp to the sleek, well-organized retail outlets offering thousands of items, they all guarantee success for your next trip on the briny.

marco island fishing

But what if you �re a saltwater fishing novice, intrigued by the beauty and sport fishing opportunities that Marco Island fishing presents, and you step into one of the gargantuan tackle shops? It could be over-whelming to face an endless array of lures, lines, rigs, and gadgets, all bubble-wrapped and in every color, shape and texture imaginable. Where do you start?

Fishing is a simple sport. All you need area a few simple tools, a sensitive pair of hands topped off with some common sense, patience, and of course, a dash of good luck.

To feel the strength of a bolting red fish or a frenzied pompano at the end of a double-over rod, using a No.12 test line with the drag screaming, is the thrill Marco Island fishing is all about. That equipment can handle just about anything you latch onto in the backwater and the inshore reefs � unless, of course, you�re shooting for big stuff as grouper, barracuda or sharks. Then you�ll need the heavier rods, line and rigs.

But for the sake of simplicity, a simple light-duty, medium action rod and a matching reel are all you need for 90% of what you�ll catch hereabouts.

Just two basic rigs with a number of interchangeable variables are all you�ll need, for 90 percent of the fish you�ll catch.

First is a bottom rig also known as the Lindy Rig (invented in Minnesota fresh waters ). An egg sinker as a free-sliding weight is threaded onto the main fishing line and then held in place above the hook in place is then attached to the other side of the swivel.

marco island fishing vacation

That�s it!! You can vary the sliding weights from 1/8 ounce when fishing up under the mangroves on weak tides to 1 � ounces when fishing heavy current offshore. You can vary the hooks from the small no. 6 hook when you want to hide the device in live bait to the sturdy No. 1 hook when shrimp is the bait fishing snapper and sheepshead. The beauty and simplicity is that the basic rig stays the same; just the parts change to fit the circumstances.

The second part of your tackle box is the simple jig. The diagram shows a lead weight that come in varying sizes with a tail of hair or bristle attached. Jigs come in what must be 900 color variations.

Every fishing show and magazine touts something �pink and purple �FORGET IT! Buy white. They fit well under the 90 percent rule and you won�t have to auction off your firstborn to afford a supply of endless colors. White Jigs work really well for Marco Island fishing.

The jig a can range from 1/8 ounce to throw under the still waters along side the mangrove roots up to a couple of ounces to use offshore. They are almost always tipped with bait, preferably shrimp.

If you�re a once in awhile fisherman and not branded as hard core just yet, this simple equipment will keep your costs down, your tackle box small and your learning curve reasonable. There is plenty of time to buy all those other goodies on the tackle-shop wall for the remaining 10 percent of your fish-when your shrimp comes in. We hope you enjoy your Marco Island fishing vacation!